Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA
Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA  

Mountains, Lakes and Lochs






117 'The moon makes melody' Acrylic Size h79 x w97 cm £1600 (currently NFS)

107 'A tune as quiet as thought' Acrylic Size h49 x w49cm £450 (Currently NFS)

111 'Merging melodies' Acrylic Framed size w87 x h89cm £1550  (Currently NFS)

113 'Nature's Wintry Breath' Acrylic Size w99 x h81cm Framed in Art Glass £1650 (currently NFS)

109 'A tune that rests upon the heart' Acrylic on wood Size h95 x w105 cm £2300 (currently NFS)

102 'The concert of nature' Acrylic Size h91 x w91cm £1750 (Currently NFS)

115 'The beautiful tune will chill you down' Acrylic Size h74 x w80cm Framed in Art Glass £1100 (Currently NFS)

108 'Dancing in the moonlight' Acrylic Size  Framed size w78 x h92cm £1350 (currently NFS)

101 'The eternal hush of silence' Acrylic h77 x w94 cm £1350 (Currently NFS)

105 'The world is quiet here' Acrylic Size h72 x w82 £1100 (Currently NFS)

104 'Nature joins the dance' Acrylic Size h61 x w70 £695 (Currently NFS)

103 'The silence becomes a celebration'  Acrylic h81 x w82 Framed with Art Glass £1350 (Currently NFS)

118 'Awakening rhythms' Mixed media Size w58 x h58cm £895 (Currently NFS)

114 'So hushed an air' Acrylic on board Size h60 x w70cm £875 (currently NFS)

141 'Fleeting like the transitory nature of music' Acrylic on board size h27 x w32cm Unframed £350 (currently NFS)

136 'The music never dies' Acrylic on wood Size h27 x w32cm Unframed £350 (Currently NFS)

137 'A soft eye music of slow-waving boughs' Acrylic on Board Size h27 x w32cm Unframed £350 (currently NFS)

138 'A rhythmical journey' Acrylic on board Size h27 x w32cm Unframed £350 (currently NFS)

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