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Maggie Robinson Artist  



I am delighted to have been elected as a member of

Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA)



'The Music of the Landscape' my personal

response to painting the landscape. As a former

musician it seemed natural for me to relate the musical elements of rhythm, melody and harmony to the same qualities found in our beautiful English countryside and I record each painting with a musical title and an Opus number. This has certainly challenged me over the past few years  as I have now created nearly 400 paintings in the series!


'A moment in time'... is a new series introduced for 2020! I am interested in transferring some of the style and method that I have developed in my landscape work to subjects that relate to indoors, particularly the home.


I have two Galleries for you to browse through which both represent recent work. The first is my ongoing 'Music of the landscape' work and the second 'A moment in time'. Detailed information is given on each picture and where it is available to be viewed.


There is also information about the Galleries which represent me, events  I am involved in and also a page listing beautiful giclee prints and personally designed 'Music of the landscape'  bone china mugs and coasters that are available to order online. I have new designs for 2020.


I hope that you enjoy the colours and the marks that I so love to explore.

 Please contact me if I can be of any help to you.


'The earth has its music for those who will listen'

'Every day has something to celebrate'






Due to the Coronavirus pandemic many of the events I was to have been taking part in this year have been either cancelled or postponed.


I shall keep my 'Events' page up to date over the coming months and look forward to seeing interested customers after this is all over!




Please contact me on:


Mobile 07753 437745

Social media


Facebook @maggierobinsonart











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