Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA
Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA  


Having grown up in the North Yorkshire Moors and now living in Sheffield, Maggie originally qualified as a teacher of physical education and music and graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from London University.

She began to pursue her love of art in the 1980s and remains to this day to be largely self-taught.  Her use and understanding of colour in painting have been a significant focus in her own work and through her many years of teaching, she has inspired artists and art groups both at home and abroad to use colour confidently.


She is an elected  member of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts  and is a Member of the Society of Women Artists. She also exhibits regularly with The Royal Society of British Artists in the Mall Galleries London.



The 'Music of the Landscape' series has now  sold to buyers across the United Kingdom, Europe, and the USA


Her next solo exhibition opens on June 8th in the








'A Scottish Symphony'

Solo exhibition is to be held in the


Smithy Gallery Scotland from

June 8th until June 29th




The exhibition will all be available online at:

Please note that a number of paintings listed on the website are currently NFS. This is due to this upcoming solo exhibition and other events that are fairly imminent. If you are interested in purchasing any one of these then please contact Maggie to discuss whether they can be released!

Maggie Robinson SWA MAFA


Contact details:





07753 437745



Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA




Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA












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