Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA
Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA  


Moorland and Coast


A Scottish Symphony




142 ' The orchestra of nature' Acrylic on board Size h76 x w100cm £1750 (Currently NFS)

110 'A place where ideas dance' Acrylic Size h92 x w92cm £1750 (Currently NFS)

116 ''The hidden orchestra' Acrylic Size h86 x w104 £!850 (currently NFS)

112 'Music is the language of the spirit' Acrylic Size h63 x w69cms £750currently NFS)

119 'A melody to remember' Acrylic on wood panel Size h58 x w58cm £895 (currently NFS)

120 'The silence that falls with the mist' Acrylic on wood panel Size 58 x 58cm £895(Currently NFS)

139 'A tune to relish the heart' Acrylic on wood Size h27 x w32cm Unframed £350 (Currently NFS)

140 'The muted sounds the shrouds of grey' Acrylic on board Size h27 x w32cm Unframed £350 (currently NFS)

106 'A symphony of echoes heard' Acrylic on wood Size h95 x w105 £2300 (currently NFS)

Work to be exhibited in the Society of Women Artists Exhibition  Mall Galleries

June 26th-29th 2024

'Refresh the heart with Nature's music' Acrylic Size h61 x w66cm (Currently NFS)

'The Melody that creates the harmony' Acrylic  Size h61 x w66cm £650 (Currenrly  NFS)

The Poetry of Music' Acrylic Size h74 x w81cm £1100 (Currently NFS)

'The silent songs of nature' Acrylic Size h92 x w92 Framed size £1750 (currently NFS)

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