Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA
Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA  

The 4 Most popular paintings included in the 'Peoples choice' in

'A Scottish Symphony' exhibition held in the Smithy Gallery Blanefield.

Thank you so much to all who took part!

The word JOY appeared in many of the suggested titles!

Maggie is a member of the Society of Women Artists and also a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts 


She exhibits regularly with The Royal Society of British Artists in the Mall Galleries London.


Having spent her early years growing up in North Yorkshire, she went on to qualify as a teacher and graduated from London University with a Bachelor of Education degree.

Her background coming from a musical and artistic family has influenced her art work for many years and she is well known for her colourful contemporary paintings all centred around melody, harmony and rhythm.








Maggie Robinson SWA MAFA


Contact details:





07753 437745



Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA




Maggie Robinson Artist SWA MAFA












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